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About the AIS2L

AIS2L is a tool designed to assist leaders in their creative and collaborative activities. Based on OpenAI's advanced GPT (Generative Pre-processing Transformers) algorithms, it offers users an innovative brainstorming experience to get their projects started.

Thus, AIS2L makes it possible to enhance the creative process by creating links between ideas, allowing readers to discover new perspectives and unexpected inspirations. In addition, it links the skills of the human being to the artificial intelligence, making the whole process faster, assertive and productive.


Get an A.I. for You

Explore the potential that Artificial Intelligence can bring to your organization, create an Intelligent Agent on your website, and have an innovative experience such as: a new communication channel with your customers; have you assist in some specific tasks, such as producing texts, templates, translating into several languages; innovate your organization with AI among other benefits.

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